Sheba Premium Cuts Entree Cat Food

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Sheba Premium Cuts Entree for CatsHere's a free sample for cats from Sheba from the Premium Cuts Entree line.

cat lover

my cat has only liked one brand of food untill he had Sheba

Motzie is a very fussy eater

Motzie is a new breed of cat called a Savannah and all he would eat since I got him is either Iams or Nutro pouch food until he became very ill from the tainted food and he was afraid to eat. I slowly became frustrated from his lack of interest in eating food without a gravy to it. I purchased Sheba Premium Cuts and he went nuts for it! Now my vet is happy, I am thrilled and Motzie who had lost 3 pounds through this has regained his weight and another pound to boot. Now I have a very happy and contented feline each and every day with more than enough flavors for him not to resist.