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Popular Science MagazineHere's a bit of a different way to get a free magazine subscription. AdPerk.com is a site that lets you watch commercials to earn free subscriptions. Right now, the only free one available is for Popular Science. You must watch ads to earn varying amounts of 'credits', gaining you a free subscription once you have collected 24 credits. It took me about 10-12 minutes and 12-15 videos or so to earn the credits, well worth the time for this magazine IMO.

From the link above, register on the site, then click on the Popular Science image. Watch each video, and at the end of each, you'll have to enter a CAPTCHA code (used to prevent cheating). Once you do so, you'll be credited that ad's value, and offered more commercials to watch. Keep watching until you get a notice that you have earned enough to checkout. Note: The Dwell subscription is not free. Also, this does not work in the Opera browser, but does work in Internet Explorer. We'll keep an eye on AdPerk for future freebies to earn.