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Free Schick Quattro RazorYou can get a free Schick Quattro razor from To get the free razor, follow the instructions at the link above. You will need to upload a photo to make a 'video', any photo will do. Then follow the rest of the instructions to finish the video. Then, once complete, click on Save, enter your information and be certain to check the box requesting a free Schick Quattro razor, which will then give you a place to enter your mail address. This site is somewhat NSFW (not safe for work) in that it is a spoofy short background video of a pillow fight between hotties, but no worse than any AXE or Old Spice commercials.


Thank you so much for posting!
I have been scouring the net for a free one of these!
The hubby wants-- and needs one.

What a Blast!

Thank you so much for this link, I had a blast messing with the video, I ended up with my mother - in - law's face on the mans body! Priceless! All this and a free razor too! I love your site!-Penni

This is probably the

This is probably the stupidest thing I have resorted myself to do, to get a free sample!