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This isn't a freebie, just a short post to get a bit of input about what, if anything, you use to speed up the filling out of free sample forms. We always use the AutoFill feature that comes with Google Toolbar, but what do you do? Post your resource or trick in the comments.

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If you came to this post by a search engine and are looking for free sample forms, such as legal documents and contracts, try They have tons of free forms available.

Automatic Form Completions

I use a program called Roboform to complete
forms with a click of the mouse. You can locate it
There is a FREE version! When you click on the above
link, read Free vs Pro on the left side of the page. This
is an extremely easy program to use. I've used it for
over a year now and upgraded to Pro because it saves
a heck of a lot of time. Thank you for your time.

Auto Fill Forms

I use the Auto Fill Form extension for Firefox and it puts a little icon on my browser and I just click it to fill the forms... it allows different profiles, too.

There is also a program called RoboForm - I hear some have used - but never tired it.

Paul Scott's Filler V1.04

Filler V1.04
This is a drag and drop utility for filling in forms.
Awesome TIME saver. Just drag and drop. Load and save to a Notepad File.
This is simply a list of items you created--then open into the
Filler 1.04 application from which you drag a line of text filling in the item in the
form being asked for.
Check out the creator of this awesome FREE application. (no install and only
188 kb in size).

Paul Scott at

I use and love norton

I use and love norton password manger below is a link to download it free this site also site also has other great free downloads

The best...

I use Google Toolbar mostly but when there is a webpage with a non standard forms or when it asks for things such as the date of birth I turn to "Autofill Forms" for Firefox.

Form Filler for Samples

My highest recommendation goes out to ROBOFORM ( It is a free autoform filler that you download and customize for IE or Firefox. I have used it for years, and can't live without it. It is FREE and they also have a more robust version for a very reasonable price - which I use.

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