Iams Coupon for Free Bag of Pet Food


Iams Coupon for Free Bag of Pet FoodYou can get an Iams coupon good for a free bag of cat food or dog food for a limited time. This free sample offer does not mention what size the bag is, but it does specify that your Iams coupon is good for one free bag of pet food.

UPDATE: April 2009 This coupon is no longer available, unfortunately. However, check the Iams website from time to time, as they often offer a $5 coupon good toward the purchase of any Iams bag of food. I've seen this offered about every other month, so keep checking back for this free coupon offer.

anyone gotten this

Still waiting for my email with coupon has anyone gotten theres?

Free IAMS Cat Food

Yes, I got my coupon after about 3-4 weeks. Its for either a FREE 2.2 # bag
of cat food (I have a cat) or $7 off a larger bag. Great deal!

free bag of iams cat food or copons for iams cat food

I have 5 cats (they are all siblings) which i've rescued...I started feeding them
iams and they will not eat any other cat food other than iams. I'm just looking
for coupons or free iams cat food for them.

I like using Iams for my

I like using Iams for my cats. It is a healthy for them.

anyone get theres

Just wanted to know if anyone has got theres, It said it would be emailed and still have not gotten one.

GOT IT!!!!

Just letting you know I got a coupon for a FREE bag of Iams today.
(through the mail) not an email coupon


how in the heck does this work????????? I'm lost as hell!