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Win Free Stuff with SwagBucksI've waited for quite a while before putting up this post about SwagBucks. This isn't the normal free stuff I post about here, but I think a lot of you might want to participate. This is a no-scam rewards system called SwagBucks. Basically, you sign up and then get occasional rewards of SwagBucks for using the SB search engine. You can then collect these points and use them in the SwagBucks store to get prizes. The best (to me) are the $5 Amazon vouchers, which you can get with only 45 SB (which for me, takes just a few searches a day for about 10 days or so). There are tons of other rewards available.

The best thing here is that you don't have to do anything different other than use the SwagBucks search engine. You will generally earn 2-4 SB a day through searches, and you don't have to do anything else. I've also installed the toolbar, which will once a day or so have a code which gives you extra SB. The process is simple, and after watching it for many months, I think it is really safe and scam-free. Sign up at the link above to get started, and then just search a few times a day to earn your swag bucks. Pretty soon you will earn enough for some of the rewards.

UPDATE: I thought I'd add some tips I've learned in taking part in SwagBucks:

First, get the toolbar, there are frequent bonus codes (about once a day) that are only available in the toolbar. These codes will appear in the "From TSG" button. If there is a message, it is probably telling you about a new code. These codes are only good for a short time, a few hours at most. To redeem, go to the home page and enter it where it says "Enter a Swag Code."

Second, read the SwagBucks blog for updates, there are tips and bonus codes as well (the blog is linked from the main page).

Third, you can only get SBs for search once per hour or so, so don't expect to win SBs one after another.

Fourth, you can win SBs on the main search page or any of the subpages available through the Shop & Earn section.

Love it!!!! I'm so surprised

Love it!!!! I'm so surprised to see that this isn't a scam. It's a real points program with no gimmicks AND it's fun. I'm especiall surprised to see all of the legitimate companies, like Macy's and Amazon, who are involved. And yes - definitely get the toolbar. I've always avoided toolbars, but this one is actually useful AND gets you points for using it. Thank you for posting this!!!!