Where are all the Wal-Mart Samples?

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Wal-MartWe disappear for a few weeks to take care of busy work and moving across states, and over that time, where have all the samples gone, especially Wal-Mart? These used to be the most trustworthy of all free sample outlets, often 2-3 stayed available for months on end with dozens rotated through several times each week.

Looking at some of my fellow freebies sites, there have been only a handful of decent samples all summer so far, so the Wal-Mart dirth may be a sign of the state of things.

The glory days of sampling might now be behind us, given this is back-to-school season, a time we've seen over these past 3+ years usually ripe with great offers. We'll keep an eye out and keep digging for the good stuff, with more on this later!

SO glad you're back! Was

SO glad you're back! Was totally freaking out without my daily free sample fix! LOL!!