Free Bumper Sticker With Your Favorite Word

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Free Bumper Sticker With Your Favorite WordWe absolutely love this freebie! Simply email your favorite word along with your mailing address, and Shape & Nature will mail you a bumper sticker with your word on it absolutely free of charge! How's that for free? In addition to the free bumper sticker, you may choose to donate ten dollars to them, and they will ship you a tee shirt with your favorite word on it also. That we will leave totally up to you though! :)

From their site:

"The Favorite Words Project collects people’s favorite words and publishes them as a living installation on t-shirts and bumper stickers, as well as in book form upon project completion. It's intentions are to celebrate language through favorite words, to begin a dialogue about the role of words in our lives and to bring these words together to hear the whole community speak."