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Free Samples of Emergen-C Blue

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As we posted yesterday, Emergen-C is a commonly available free sampling brand with regular and aggressive distribution. This offer is a new one for Emergen-C Blue, which is largely Vitamins B and C. But this offer has a twist.

Emergen-C is offering to 20 cents for every box of Blue sold to the SurfRider Foundation, which works to improve water quality. So, if you find you enjoy the sample you receive, consider buying a box or two to help their cause.

No delivery estimation is given on the form, but again, these are a frequent offering and rarely take long to arrive from this excellent sampling brand.

Free Samples of Emergen-C


Free Samples of Emergen-CA day after I complained about there being no samples on the Wal-Mart site, a new offer for free samples of Emergen-C is up on the site. Emergen-C is a frequent heavy distributor of free samples, a company we've seen repeatedly offering consistent useful samples.

This specific offer is for both Emergen-C Vitamin D & Calcium Bone Health and Emergen-C Immune. Each of these sample mixes will be shipped out within a few weeks. Be sure to enable pop-ups to get the free samples forms from the Wal-Mart site.

Emergen-C Samples

Free Stuff Available In: US Freebies 
Free Stuff Tags: HealthMedicationAllergiesFree SamplesFree StuffFreebiesEmerginC

Emergen-C SamplesGet a free sample of Emergen-C to send to a friend or yourself. From the link above, click on Share the Good, then fill out the form. To send it to yourself, click the box next to FROM to fill the form with your own address (which you entered on the TO side of the form).

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