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ZingiberRx Free Samples


ZingiberRx Free SamplesIf you suffer from conditions like joint pain, arthritis, back pain, or sore muscles, consider ordering free samples of ZingiberRx Joint and Muscle Cream for pain relief.

Dove Pro-Age Free Samples


Dove Pro-Age Free SamplesHere are free samples of Dove Pro-Age body lotion for US residents.

Free Will Kit

Free Stuff Available In: US Freebies 
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Free Will KitYou can order a free will kit from the American Cancer Society.

Lacoste Elegance Fragrance Sample

Free Stuff Available In: US Freebies Canadian Freebies UK Freebies Irish Freebies Mexican Freebies 
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Lacoste Elegance Fragrance SampleHere's a freebie from Lacoste: a free sample of Lacoste Elegance fragrance for men. You will need to put your state into the City part of the form for some reason.

Class Med Freebies

Free Stuff Available In: Canadian Freebies 
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Class Med FreebiesCanadian residents can sign up for freebies and free samples from Class Med. These are incontinence products like Tena and Prevail.

Free Skin Type Test Kit


Free Skin Type Test KitGet a free skin type test kit from The offer states that the kit features "CuDerm's patented skin testers to provide instant online analysis. Four times a year we will mail you a new skin tester kit, along with other assorted goodies from our sponsors, to track your skin changes and needs." (Thanks to Forager Vernice for this link!)

Johnson's Baby Soothing Natural


UK and Ireland parents can get a free sample of Johnson's Baby Soothing Naturals from J&J.

VCF Contraceptive Film Sample

Free Stuff Available In: US Freebies 
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VCF Contraceptive Film SampleGet a free sample of contraceptive film from VCF (adults only!).

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