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Free Dolly Hugs Charity Doll Patterns


Free Dolly Hugs Charity Doll PatternsI was delighted to see this cute doll, Dolly Hugs while searching for free patterns online today! It seems like it will be fun to make, and really cute too. You are welcome to download the free Dolly Hugs Doll Pattern, as long as you are not making the dolls to sell! The pattern can only be used to make gifts or for charity.

From the website:
"Dolly Hugs must never be used to make dolls for sale or profit, and the pattern is copyrighted to prevent this."

Scroll down the page to download the free clothing patterns to dress your homemade Dolly Hugs Doll also! Here are the links if you have trouble finding them on the page: Pants Pattern, Dressing Dolly Instructions and Jacket Pattern. We hope you enjoy this freebie!

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