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Free Science Fiction/Fantasy eBooks from Baen Publishing


Free Science Fiction/Fantasy eBooks from Baen PublishingBaen Books has a really neat selection of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books online available for free download in various formats or as web pages, collectively known as the Baen Free Library. These are full books, not sample chapters. There are numerous well-known Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors available, including Harry Turtledove, Andre Norton, Fred Saberhagen, David Weber, David Drake, Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven, Mercedes Lackey, and many others. These tend to be older books by these authors, not their most well-known works, but still, if you like Sci-Fi or Fantasy novels, this is a treasure trove of free reads. Click on The Series, The Authors, or The Books to see what is available free on the site. To download the free eBooks, click on the title of the book, and then choose the format that you would like to download the eBook from, which is located under the book cover image.
Note: If you choose the option to "Email book to my Kindle", Amazon will charge you $.15 per MB sent by email TO your Kindle. We are not trying to discourage you from doing so, we just want to be as clear as possible, as the fee is not charged by Baen Publishing!

Free Metallica Concert Download

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Free Metallica Concert Download Metallica has an awesome collection of concerts available as free downloads online! There are 21 live performances to choose from. Metallica concerts range in time from 1982-2003.

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