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Free Bird Calendar from Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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FreeGet a free bird calendar from Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The photos are absolutely beautiful! It's also a handy tool for keeping track of the days when you can tally the birds for Project FeederWatch, a winter-long survey of birds at feeders across the U.S. and Canada. The free calendar ships to US addresses only.

Free Celebrate Urban Birds Kit

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Free Celebrate Urban Birds KitWhat a great opportunity to spend quality family time! Cornell is sending out free "Celebrate Urban Birds" Kits to anyone interested in doing a quick 10 minute observation looking for the birds listed on the data form. That's it! The kit includes 2 beautiful color posters, a data sheet, a sticker, and a seed packet. So click on this freebie and become a scientist! You can either have the free kit mailed to you, or download any of the material from the website directly.

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