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Free Samples of Emergen-C Blue

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As we posted yesterday, Emergen-C is a commonly available free sampling brand with regular and aggressive distribution. This offer is a new one for Emergen-C Blue, which is largely Vitamins B and C. But this offer has a twist.

Emergen-C is offering to 20 cents for every box of Blue sold to the SurfRider Foundation, which works to improve water quality. So, if you find you enjoy the sample you receive, consider buying a box or two to help their cause.

No delivery estimation is given on the form, but again, these are a frequent offering and rarely take long to arrive from this excellent sampling brand.

Free Samples of Nature's Bounty Adult Gummies

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Free Samples of Nature's Bounty Adult GummiesHere is another new offer from one of the consistent players in the sampling market, Nature's Bounty. These are the new Adult Gummies multivitamins with fiber.

At first I wondered why gummies, doesn't it seem too much like candy? But, I recognize that for many people, regular vitamin pills are literally tough to swallow. Gummies make perfect sense, and I image they are much easier on the stomach as well.

So if you think this sounds like your sort of product, order free samples of Nature's Bounty Adult Gummies at the link above. No ETA on delivery is given, but the typical one-per-household rule applies.

Free Samples of Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula

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Free Samples of Earth's Best Organic Infant FormulaEveryone is struggling these days to get by, and those of you with young children likely feel that with every spoonful. Here is an offer for a free sample of Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula.

The form has a few basic questions and you can choose to opt-in / out of receiving communications.

Delivery estimates are shown as 4-6 weeks, but this offer has been around in various forms for many years and is always known to be consistent and fresh.

Free Samples of Emergen-C


Free Samples of Emergen-CA day after I complained about there being no samples on the Wal-Mart site, a new offer for free samples of Emergen-C is up on the site. Emergen-C is a frequent heavy distributor of free samples, a company we've seen repeatedly offering consistent useful samples.

This specific offer is for both Emergen-C Vitamin D & Calcium Bone Health and Emergen-C Immune. Each of these sample mixes will be shipped out within a few weeks. Be sure to enable pop-ups to get the free samples forms from the Wal-Mart site.

Free Samples of Boss Fragrances

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Free Samples of Boss FragrancesOne of the most commonly 'sneered' categories of free samples available is always that of Perfumes and Colognes. These postcards-with-a-swatch-of-fragrance are regularly denigrated by commenters as pointless.

We love them, though. A great, quick way to try out a new scent on your way out the door or just before an intimate moment.

This offer is a free sample of fragrance from Boss. In fact, it is two samples of fragrances, one for the Boss Bottled and one for Boss Bottled Night.

These fragrances are intended for men and are available in the US and worldwide.

Where are all the Wal-Mart Samples?

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Wal-MartWe disappear for a few weeks to take care of busy work and moving across states, and over that time, where have all the samples gone, especially Wal-Mart? These used to be the most trustworthy of all free sample outlets, often 2-3 stayed available for months on end with dozens rotated through several times each week.

Looking at some of my fellow freebies sites, there have been only a handful of decent samples all summer so far, so the Wal-Mart dirth may be a sign of the state of things.

The glory days of sampling might now be behind us, given this is back-to-school season, a time we've seen over these past 3+ years usually ripe with great offers. We'll keep an eye out and keep digging for the good stuff, with more on this later!

Free General Mills Samples

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Free General Mills SamplesGeneral Mills has an offer up called 'Que Rica Vida' which is a sampling opportunity to get several free samples at once from GM.

The form itself is in Spanish, here is a quick guide to the form for English readers:

Nombre - First Name
Apellido - Last Name
Direccion - Address
Ciudad - City
Estado - State
Codigo Postal - Zip Code
Fecha de Nacimiento - Birth Date
Correo Electronico - Email
Clave - Password
En Cual Supermercado.... - Where do you usually shop for food?

These sample boxes will have variable contents, as the form image shows. Good luck and hope you all get something great!

Free Samples of Borba Skin Care

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Free Samples of Borba Drink MixHow about one for those of you who love to sample from various skin care lines? Oddly, this one has a twist: skin care via drink mix.

This free sample offer comes from Borba, a frequent provider of great and numerous samplings. Right now, for signing up at borba.com, you can get 'Get 2 of 4 types of the Skin Balance Aqualess Crystalline drink mix packettes (randomly selected by BORBA)' according to the offer page.

Not sure about this one, but we're ordering it anyway. We like drink mixes, and want to see more about what is in these samples. There is no ETA given on the site, so we'll keep an eye out.